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Sunday Services

Our facilities continue to be appreciated by local groups, including schools which need facilities for workshops and concerts.

23601 NE Arata Road, Wood Village, OR 97060

The 9:30 a.m. worship service offers both hymn favorites and praise choruses led by a praise band. We provide care and study groups during this hour for all ages, infant through high school. One adult group is available.

The 11:00 a.m. service is informal, offering contemporary music led by a praise team. The Bible message is the same content as in the 9:30 a.m. service, but it is geared to a younger audience. Children’s Ministries are offered at this hour for infants through Grade Two. Two adult study groups are available.

Sunday Messages

In February, Pastor Bill began a series titled “Satellite Survey of the Scriptures.” It is designed to help people connect the individual books of the Bible with the Bible as a whole. It will be presented in segments during the coming years and will be interspersed with studies called “We Believe.” There will also be individual verse-by-verse studies of specific books in the Bible.

  • November 1: Satellite Survey of the Scriptures: “II Kings – Nation Israel in Captivity Again” – Podcast
  • November 8: Satellite Survey of the Scriptures: “I Chronicles – Retelling the Story with Added Details” – Podcast
  • November 15: Satellite Survey of the Scriptures: “II Chronicles – Solomon and the Kings of Judah” – Podcast
  • November 22: Satellite Survey of the Scriptures: “Ezra – Captives Return to Jerusalem/Temple Rebuilt” – Podcast
  • November 29: Satellite Survey of the Scriptures: “Nehemiah – Captives Return to Jerusalem/Walls Rebuilt” – Podcast
  • December 6: Satellite Survey of the Scriptures: “Esther – Courageous During a Crisis” – Podcast
  • December 13: “The Story of Jesus – Genesis 3, Prophets, the Gospels” – Podcast
  • December 20: “The Story of Jesus – Mary, Joseph, Rome” – Podcast
  • December 27: “The Story of Jesus – Thirty Years of Preparation”

In January, Pastor Bill will continue his message series on “The Story of Jesus.” For many people, the Bible story of Jesus begins in Matthew and Luke, but it actually begins in Colossians and Genesis. Jesus is God, so He precedes Genesis 1:1. The series will continue until Easter weekend.